About Us


The Château Saint André Center for Ethics and Integrity is a division of the Château Saint André Center, SAS. It exists to:
(1) Undertake scientific, educational, advisory and other activities in the field of ethics;
(2) Organize seminars, conferences, meetings and other events in the field of ethics at the Château of Saint André d’Olérargues or elsewhere.

To realize the aforementioned objectives, the Château Saint André for Events and Accommodations, the other division of the Château Saint André Center, SAS, manages the convening spaces and accommodation at the Château de Saint André d’Olérargues.

When not in use for ethics seminars, these spaces can also be reserved for other educational or research seminars, business meetings, or family gatherings. For more information about such reservations, please go to www.chateausaintandre.com.


The Center is located at the historic chateau in the French town of Saint André d’Olérargues, which is currently being renovated. To follow the progress of the renovations, go to www.chateausaintandre.com.

Visiting address:

Château de Saint André
6 Chemin de la Route
30330 Saint André d’Olérargues, France

Tel: +33 (0)7 89 67 69 82

Map coordinates: 44.16106753132738, 4.486262748571576