Registration & Payment Form

Please use the following form to arrange for registration and payment of your attendance. The same form can be used for payment of the registration fee, the accompanying person fee, or any other payment owed. Please use the following table to calculate your fee (in Euros):

  • Regular attendance (incl. all academic sessions): Euro 795 (= US$ 850)*
  • Accompanying person who shares a guest room with a regular attendee: Euro 420 (=US$ 450)
  • Extra Friday-to-Saturday night following the formal end of the symposium on Friday at 14h00, incl. Friday excursion to the medieval city of Uzès and drinks & dinner there, as well as breakfast the next morning: Euro 125 (=US$ 135) per person.

* If two regular attendees are sharing a guest room, each can subtract Euro 45 from the fee, resulting in a registration fee of Euro 750. Please note that this discount for sharing a guest room is already calculated into the accompanying person’s fee.

The fees listed above include :

  • Assistance with travel planning as needed
  • Transportation to/from the symposium site from one of Avignon’s train stations or downtown Avignon (for those arriving early in Avignon for some sightseeing)
  • Occupancy of a guest room with private bathroom for 6 days/5 nights at the symposium site
  • All drinks and all meals (except one dinner)
  • Two excursions (to Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and to the Point-du-Gard)
  • For regular participants only: Attendance of all academic sessions and symposium materials
  • For accompanying persons only: Transportation on days without scheduled excursions to Avignon (from where one can also commute via a short direct train to Tarascon, Beaucaire and Arles).

There are two ways of paying:

(1) PAYPAL. PayPal can process most major credit cards as well as direct bank account withdrawals. If you complete the form below, you will automatically be routed to the PayPal site.

(2) IBAN. If you are residing in Europe and you have a bank account with an IBAN number, we kindly request that you use this option to wire your fee (in Euros) to the France-based bank account listed below. PayPal will withhold approximately 5% from the payment you make; in contrast, IBAN transfers arrive in full at the Center’s account. Please complete the form below and select the IBAN option. Then make a manual wire transfer from your own account to the account mentioned in the email you have received from us with the total amount owed.

Please contact us at info[at] or call +33 (0)7 89 67 69 82 if for any reason the form does not work or you have questions regarding the payment process.